Carr-Jones, Edward

400 Edward Carr-Jones was the pianist on the Lusitania. He was born at Hanley/Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, in the second quarter of 1876 in the Stoke on Trent district of Staffordshire as Edward Jones, the ”Carr”-part being added later. He was the son of Thomas, an ”agent smoke curers” born about 1840 at Bagillt, Flintshire, and Emma Jones, born about 1836 at Hanley, who had married in early 1866 in the Stoke on Trent district of Staffordshire. He had married Mary Ann Ward (born about 1875 at Shelton, Staffordshire) in the second quarter of 1897 at Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. 1901, he was living at Newcastle Road, Hanley, Stoke upon Trent, Staffordshire, with his parents, wife Mary, and son Edward (an infant). He was 25 years old and was noted as an engraver’s potter. In 1912, he had been working on the Carmania and the Lusitania.

”It was with deep regret that we learnt this week that Mr E. Carr Jones – the musical director on board the deeply lamented Lusitania – was a victim in the terrible disaster. Mr E. Carr Jones was well known in Barmouth to residents and visitors as a member of the famous Royal Magnets. Mr Carr Jones acted as accompanist and flutist in the company. His genial manners and clever executions as a musician won him many friends, who, we feel sure, extend sincerest sympathy to the mourning relatives.” (The Barmouth and County Advertiser and District Weekly News, 20 May 1915, p. 3)


Cameron, Charles

399 Charles Cameron was born about 1877 and was the bandmaster of the Lusitania. Little is known about his personal life, but his body was recovered and identified (No. 105), and he was buried at Queenstown, 10th May; Private Grave, Row 18, No. 5. His property was sent to Mrs. M. Cameron, The Mount, Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, 13 October.

Yetts, William Rankin

398 William Rankin Yetts, age 48. He was an Able Seaman on the Lusitania and was the son of William Rankin LeNeve and Matilda Paris (nee Peter) Yetts, who had married 25 September 1865 at Dundee, Scotland. He had been born at Dundee, Angus, Scotland, 15 April 1867. He was the Husband of Isabella Yetts (nee Watts), of 510, Park Avenue, New York City. Born at Dundee. In 1915, he lived at 2 Brown Street, Liverpool.

Wynne, Joseph Dominic

397 Joseph Dominic Wynne, age 37. He was a sculleryman on the vessel and was the son of the late Zachariah Joseph, a hawker, and Sarah (nee Welch) Wynne. His parents had married in the third quarter of 1875 at Liverpool. He had been born in Lancashire about 1876/1877. He was the husband of Mary Ellen Jennetta Wynne (nee Glencross), of 20, Oakes Street, Liverpool, whom he had married toward the end of 1897 at Liverpool. His son George survived the sinking. In 1915, he lived at 27 Warwick Street, Liverpool.

Wynn, Peter

396 Peter Wynn, age 26. He was a trimmer on the ship and was the son of Robert Wynn, a general carter born about 1860 at Liverpool, and Jane Wynn (born about 1863 at Liverpool), of 22, Buckingham Street, Everton, Liverpool. His parents may well have been the Robert Wynn and Jane Halliwell who had married in the second quarter of 1881 at Liverpool. In 1901, he was 12 years old and lived at Buckingham Street in Liverpool. His siblings were, at the time, John, 18, a stable lad, James, 14, a car lad, Charlotte, 10, Mary, 8, Alice, 5, Jane, 2, and Robert, an infant.

Wright, Harold Joseph

395 Harold Joseph Wright, age 14. He was a steward’s boy on the Lusitania and was the son of Ellen Wright (she had been born about 1869 at Wigan, Lancashire) and the late Benjamin Wright, a bricklayer born about 1867 at Southport, Lancashire, of 2, Ashlar Road, Waterloo, Liverpool. He was born at Ormskirk in late 1900. His parents may well have been the Benjamin Wright and Ellen Mason who had married in the second quarter of 1891 at Ormskirk, Lancashire. In 1901, the Wright family lived at Shakespeare Street in Southport. Harold was an infant and had an older brother, John A., 8.

Obituary in Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 27.

Woods, John Herbert

394 John Herbert Woods, age 36. He was a greaser on the vessel and was the son of James, an ostler (ND) who seems to have been born at Coldervale, Lancashire, about 1844, and Alice Woods, born about 1847 at Little Bolton, Lancashire (?). He was born at Bolton, where his birth had been registered in early 1878 and he had been christened 20 February 1878 at Holy Trinity Church (Bolton-le-Moors). It is probable his parents were the James Woods and Alice Kelly who had married at Bolton in late 1872. In 1901, he was a general carter, age 23, living at Brisbane Street, Kirkdale, Lancashire. His parents lived at the same adress, as did his siblings Elizabeth E., 23, Robert, 16, a tramway’s point attendant, and Mary E., 13. He was the husband of Margaret Woods (nee Cottrill), of 46, Northcote Road, Liverpool. The couple had married in West Derby in early 1904.