Woods, John Herbert

394 John Herbert Woods, age 36. He was a greaser on the vessel and was the son of James, an ostler (ND) who seems to have been born at Coldervale, Lancashire, about 1844, and Alice Woods, born about 1847 at Little Bolton, Lancashire (?). He was born at Bolton, where his birth had been registered in early 1878 and he had been christened 20 February 1878 at Holy Trinity Church (Bolton-le-Moors). It is probable his parents were the James Woods and Alice Kelly who had married at Bolton in late 1872. In 1901, he was a general carter, age 23, living at Brisbane Street, Kirkdale, Lancashire. His parents lived at the same adress, as did his siblings Elizabeth E., 23, Robert, 16, a tramway’s point attendant, and Mary E., 13. He was the husband of Margaret Woods (nee Cottrill), of 46, Northcote Road, Liverpool. The couple had married in West Derby in early 1904.


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