Wilkinson, James

384 James Wilkinson, age 20. He was an Engineer’s Mess Steward on the Lusitania and was the son of the late James and Elizabeth Wilkinson. He was born at Bootle 26 July 1894 and was christened on 26 September 1894 at St. John’s Church in Bootle in the Church of England. There is a possibility he was the James Wilkinson, aged 5, who in 1901 lived at Salisbury Road in Bootle Cum Linacre with his grandmother Margaret Breithaupt, 67, mother(?) Lizzie, 37 (born at Liverpool), and siblings Henry, 10, Emily, 5, and Frederick A., 4. His mother seems to have been the Elizabeth Breithaupt who in 1884 married Carl Peterson, but who may have died. In early 1890, she married James Wilkinson. He was listed as a Waiter but also as an engineers’ mess steward. He was the husband of Marion Wilkinson (Nee Buck), of 5, Ismay Road, Litherland, Lancashire. James Wilkinson married Marion Buck in West Derby in the second quarter of 1915, i.e. very shortly before sailing on the Lusitania. His address in 1915 was reportedly 437 Hawthorn Road, Bootle, Lancashire.


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