Southward, Henry

348 Henry Southward, age 33, according to the Cunard Line. He had in fact been born in the third quarter of 1879 at Bootle in the West Derby district of Lancashire and was subsequently 35 years old when the Lusitania sank.  He was a greaser on the ship and was the son of Elizabeth (nee Hewson; she had been born in mid-1844 at Liverpool, Lancashire) Southward and the late Ralph Southward, a carter born in West Derby, Lancashire, in late 1841. His parents had married 2 September 1867 at Saint Nicholas’ Church in Liverpool in the Church of England. In 1891, he was 12 years old and lived with his family at Molyneux Street in Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancashire. His brothers and sisters were John, 17, a carter, Thomas, 15, an errand boy, Elizabeth, 9, Minnie, 6, Annie, 2, and Caroline, an infant. He was the husband of Kate Southward (nee Geraghty), of 29, Johnstone Street, Bootle, Lancashire. Henry Southward married Kate Geraghty in Bootle (West Derby) on 6 May, 1901.


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