Roberts, Miss Ann Jane

321 Miss Ann Jane Roberts, age 35. She was a stewardess on the Lusitania and was the daughter of Edward Roberts, of 65, St. John Road, Bootle, Lancashire, and the late Elizabeth Ann Roberts. She had been born at Walton on 6 June 1879 and she was christened on 28 December the same year at St. John’s Church in Bootle in the Church of England. In 1891, she was 11 years old and lived with her family at Viola Street in Bootle Cum Linacre. Her father Edward was a canal porter born about 1853 in Flintshire, and her mother Elizabeth had been born about 1848 in Denbighshire. Her brothers and sisters were Edward O., 9, Floria E., 7, and Ethel, 2. There was also a lodger living with the family; canal porter John Robinson, 36. Her address in 1915 was stated to have been 18 Grant Avenue, Liverpool. Her remains were recovered (No. 60) and she was buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 10, Grave C, 4th Row, Lower Tier.

In Memoriam, Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 8, 1917.


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