Roach, James

319 James Roach, age 24. He was a fireman on the Lusitania and was the son of John, a dock labourer born about 1861 at Liverpool, and Margaret Roach, also born about 1861 at Liverpool. James had been born at Liverpool about 1890. His parents were very likely the John James Roach and Margaret Hodson who had married in late 1888 in the West Derby district of Lancashire. In 1901, James was 10 years old and lived at Regent Street in Liverpool with his parents and sisters Elizabeth, 11, Mary Ann, 8, and brother Joseph, 6. There was also a boarder living in the household at the time, James Nugent, 60, a dock labourer. He was the husband of Elizabeth Roach (nee Beswick), of 5, Mile End, Liverpool. They had married at Liverpool in the second quarter of 1913. His body was recovered and identified (No. 49) and he was buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 10th; Grave C, 1st Row, Lower Tier.


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