Penkeyman, Samuel James

299 Samuel James Penkeyman, age 38. He was the First Class Pantry Steward on the Lusitania and was the son of William Thomas, a rigger born in mid-1851 in Lancashire, and Mary Jane (nee Askew; she was born 27 December 1857 at Liverpool) Penkeyman. His parents had married 24 June (27 June has also been suggested) 1876 in the church of St. John the Baptist in (Toxteth Park), Lancashire. He was born at Liverpool where his birth was registered in early 1877 and he was christened 11 March 1877 in the church of St. Silas in Toxteth in the Church of England. In 1891, he was listed as a shop boy, 14 years of age, living at Vere Street in Toxteth Park, Lancashire; the family name was listed ”Penkyman.” His brothers and sisters were Ann M., 12, Elizabeth H., 10, Ada H., 6, Mary J., 4, and William L., an infant. He was the husband of Elizabeth Penkeyman (nee Brideson), of 23, Olivedale Rd., Mossley Hill, Liverpool. Samuel James Penkeyman married Elizabeth Bridson in St. John’s Wesleyan Chapel, Toxteth Park, Lancashire, on 1 January, 1900. His father was a William Thomas Penkeyman.


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