Murphy, John Henry

278 John Henry Murphy, age 32. He was a 1st Class Waiter on the Lusitania and was the son of the late Nicholas, a hammerman and blacksmith born about 1838 in Lancashire (d. 1883) and Susan Murphy (she had been born around 1846 in Scotland). He had been born at Liverpool. He had been born 9 September 1882 and was christened 20 September at St. Ambrose’s Church in Everton. In 1901, he seems to have been a commercial clerk, aged 16, living at Netherfield Road North in Everton, Lancashire, with his mother Susan, a midwife, and brothers and sisters Henrietta, 26, a card board box maker (b. 25 August 1874), Albert, 25, a commercial bookkeeper, Nicholas, 22, a railway porter (b. 12 August 1878), and Edith Lilian, 20 (b. 28 January 1881). His parents were the Nicholas Murphy and Susannah Ross (nee Silvester) who had married 21 September 1873 at All Saints Church in Liverpool. In 1915, he lived at 1 July Road, Liverpool. His remains were recovered and identified (No. 136) and he was buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 10th, Grave C.  

Obituary in Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 13.


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