Molden, James

271 James Molden, age 25. He was a fireman on the vessel and was the son of William and Ann Molden, of 70, Blenheim Street, Liverpool. In 1891, he was 2 years old and lived with his family at Benledi (Blenheim?) Street in Liverpool. His parents were William, a carter born about 1845 at Greenhill in Wiltshire, and Ann, who had been born about 1850 at Liverpool. His siblings were George, 18, John, 16, Eliza, 12, Henry, 7, and Elizabeth, 5. In 1901, he was 12 and lived with his parents and siblings George, 27, Henry, 16, Elizabeth, 13, Charles, 6, and Robert, an infant, lived at Latimer Street in Liverpool. John was no longer living with his parents and siblings. James was in 1911 a labourer in an oil caker mill and was living with his parents in Liverpool. His address in 1915 was 70 Blenheim Street, Liverpool.


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