Ledson, John

208 John Ledson, age 38. He was the 2nd Baker on the Lusitania and was the son of the late Samuel, born 1848 at Liverpool, and Jane (nee Thornton) Ledson. He had been born at Liverpool 8 April 1876 and was christened 12 June the same year at St. Peter’s Church in Liverpool in the Church of England. His parents had married 24 December 1871 at St. John’s Church in Liverpool. In 1891, he was 14 years old and was noted as a baker’s assistant living at Caradoe (Caradoc?) Square in Liverpool with his uncle and aunt, George and Elizabeth Thornton. His cousin Elizabeth, 1, and grandfather George Thornton, 70, also lived at the address at the time. In 1901, he was a boarder at Hamilton Road, Everton, Lancashire, and was noted as a baker journeyman, aged 24. His adress in 1915 was listed as 14 Bedford Place, Seaforth, Liverpool.


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