Lapphane, Charles

201 Charles Lapphane, age 19. He was a 3rd Class Waiter on the ship and was the son of Albert, a mariner in the merchant service born in Germany about 1858 (he was a British subject), and Alice Caroline (nee Featherstone; born about 1864 at Birkenhead) Lapphane, of 40, Livingstone Rd., Lower Tranmere, Birkenhead, Cheshire. He was born at Tranmere, Cheshire. He had been christened at Saint Paul’s Church, Tranmere, on 22 January 1896. His parents had married 25 June 1883 at St. Paul’s Church in Tranmere, Cheshire, in the Church of England. In 1901, he was 5 years old and lived at Livingstone Road in Birkenhead, with his family. His brothers and sisters were Margaret, 13, Amelia, 10, Caroline, 8, Hallan, 7, Albert, 3, and Sarah, an infant. His grandmother Margaret Featherstone, 67, a native of Woodbury, N K, and an uncle, Robert Featherstone, 34, born at Liverpool, also lived with the family. There was also a visitor, William Featherstone, 30, staying with the family. His remains were recovered and identified (No. 119) and he was buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 10, Grave C, 3rd Row, Upper Tier. His property was handed over to his mother, Mrs. A. Lapphane, 40 Livingstone Road, Lower Tranmere, Birkenhead, 29 October.


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