Jones, Richard Ellis

180 Richard Ellis Jones, age 32. He was the Junior 4th Engineer on the Lusitania and was the son of John Richard, an engine maker fitter born about 1854 at Liverpool, and Fanny Jones, who had been born about 1853 at Shrewsbury, Shropshire. His parents were very likely the John Richard Jones and Fanny Bliss who had married in early 1882 in Atcham. His birth was registered in the second quarter of 1883 in the Toxteth Park district of Lancashire and he was christened 3 June 1883 at St. James’ Church in Toxteth, Lancashire, in the Church of England.In 1901, he was noted as an apprentice brass finisher aged 17 living with his family at Weldon Street in Walton on the Hill, Lancashire. His brothers and sisters were William H., 15, an office boy, Henrietta, 12, Charles, 11, Margaret F., 8, and David A., 4. He was the husband of Emily Jones (nee Woods), of 65, Wellbrow Road, Walton, Liverpool. Richard Ellis Jones married Emily Woods in Walton-on-the-Hill, Lancashire, on 22 July, 1912. His father was a John Richard Jones. His body was recovered and identified (No. Buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 10; Private Grave, Row 18, No. 8. His property was sent to his widow at 9 Bedford Road, Walton, Liverpool.

Obituary in Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 14. In Memoriam, Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 8, 1917.


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