James, Oswald George

171 Oswald George James, age 39. He was a 1st Class Bedroom Steward on the Lusitania (however, he was also listed as a waiter) and was the son of the late George Frederick, a collector born about 1826 in the City of London, and Janet James, who had been born about 1831 in Scotland. He was born 16 December 1860 at Liverpool and was christened on 13 January 1861 in Saint Peter’s Church in Liverpool in the Church of England. He was 54 years of age rather than the 39 stated in official documents. His parents were very likely the George Frederick James and Janet Campbell who had married 27 February 1853 at St. Nicholas’ Church in Liverpool. He was the husband of Frances James (nee Thompson), of 76, Knoclaid Road, Clubmoor, Liverpool. Oswald George James married Frances Thompson in Emmanuel (Church), Everton, West Derby, on 29 February, 1888. In 1901, the James family lived at New Combe Street in Walton on the Hill, Lancashire. Oswald was listed as 41 years of age and was a fruit salesman at the time. His wife was 40 and their children were, at the time, Frances Janet, 12, Florence Evelyn, 10, Lillian Constance, 8, Oswald George, 6, George Thompson, 4 (b. 16 March 1897), and Albert Victor, an infant (b. 4 March 1900?).


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