Hine, John Benjamin

153 John Benjamin Hine, age 24. He was a vegetable cook on the Lusitania and was the son of Foster Lancaster, a bookkeeper in a corporation born 2 January 1865 at Liverpool, and Mary Jane (nee Phillips; born about 1866 at Liverpool) Hine, of 23, St. Michaels’s Road, Liverpool. His parents had married 30 December 1888 in Liverpool. He had been born 14 January 1891 and was christened 25 March the same year at St. Cleopas’ parish in Toxteth, Lancashire. In 1901, he was 10 years of age and lived at Menzies Street in Toxteth Park with his family. His brothers and sister were, at the time, Foster Lancaster, 11, Minnie, 6, George Henry, 4, Eveline, 2 (b. 26 November 1898), and Robert Samuel, an infant (b. 31 January 1901). His remains were recovered and identified (No. 171) and he was buried at Cobh Old Church Cemetery on May 14th.


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