Haybyrne, James Benedict

143 James Benedict Haybyrne, age 31. He was a 1st Class Waiter on the Lusitania and was the son of James, a hairdresser born abt. 1853 in Ireland, and Maria (also noted as Margaret) Haybyrne, who had been born abt. 1858 in Lancashire). He was a First Class Waiter. His birth was registered in West Derby in 1884 and his date of birth was 26 April 1884. In 1891 he lived at Adelaide Road in Litherland, Lancashire, with his parents and brother John, 3 years his senior. In 1901, he was 16 and was noted as a pattern maker’s apprentice still living at Adelaide Road. The head of the household was now his brother John, 20, an engineer’s apprentice. A small sister, Ileen, 2, lived with her brothers and their aunt Annie Burke, 39, also lived with them. In 1915, he lived at 21 Bodforth Place, Seaforth, Liverpool.


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