Garry, Dr. Joseph

118 Joseph Garry, age 25. He was the Assistant Surgeon on the ship and was the son of Patrick Garry, a farmer, and Mary Garry (nee Murphy), of Shanahea, Ennis, Co. Clare. He had been Born in Co. Clare in early 1890. His parents had married in Killadysert, County Clare, in the third quarter of 1884. In 1901, the family lived at Shanahea More, Clare, Ireland. Joseph was 10 and his father Patrick was 48. His mother Mary was 36. Both parents were natives of County Clare. Joseph’s brothers and sisters were noted as Michael, 13, John, 12, and Bridget Isa, 3, all natives of County Clare. There were two ‘famer servants’ living in the household; Walter Colporse, 24, and Francis Colporse, 18. The family belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. In 1911, he lived at 10 Gardiner’s Place, Rotunda, Dublin, which obviously was a hotel run by Mrs. Sarah Montgomery, a widow aged 64. Her sons Arthur and William were the managers of the hotel, in which there were 19 boarders and two servants. He was noted as a medical student at the National University along with his brother Michael, 24. Joseph Garry had got his doctor’s degree in 1914.  In 1915, he lived at 8 Water Street, Liverpool.


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