Foster, John

112 John Foster, age 41. He was a 1st Class Waiter on the Lusitania and was the son of Sarah Jane (nee Hilley) Foster, who had been born in mid-1849 at Totnes, Devon, and the late William Foster, a joiner born about 1840 at Totnes, Devon. His parents had married in the second quarter of 1867 at Totnes, Devon. He was the husband of Mary Alice Weymouth Foster of 23, Leechwell St., Totnes, Devon; they may have married at Exeter in 1904. John Foster was born in London and was a First Class Waiter on the Lusitania. His birth seems to have been registered in Pancras, London, in 1874. It is likely he was the John Foster who was christened on 21 September 1873 in St. Pancras’ Church in Camden, London (Church of England). In 1881, he was 7 years of age and lived at Brecknock Road in St. Pancras, London, with his family. His brothers and sisters were noted as Mary, 13, William, 10, and Edith, an infant. In 1911, he lived at that address with his wife, listed as a ‘ships steward.’ The couple seems to have had at least three children; Henry John (6), Richard Waymouth (5), and George Herbert Wills (1). In 1915, he lived at 57 Ashfield, Wavertree, Liverpool.


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