Duncan/Rennie, Christina Campbell

091 Christian Campbell Duncan /RennieAge 36. She was a stewardess on the Lusitania and was the daughter of the late Andrew and Jessie Duncan. Born at Kirkdale, Lancs. Stewardess. Her birth was registered in 1879. She had been born 8 March 1879 in the West Derby district of Lancashire and she was christened on 22 June 1879 at St. Paul’s Church in Kirkdale, Lancashire, in the Church of England. In 1881, she lived with her family at St. Johns Road in Kirkdale, Lancashire. Her father, Andrew, was listed as a ships steward born about 1847 in Scotland and her mother Jessie had also been born 1847 in Scotland. Christina was 3 years old and had an older brother, John Wilson, 9, and an older sister, Jessie, 7. In 1901, she seems to have lived with her married sister Jessie Allerton at Bank Road in Bootle Cum Linacre. She was listed as a restaurant waitress aged 22. Another sister, Margaret, 16, also lived with them. Christina Campbell Duncan married Basil George Rennie in Liverpool in 1904. For some reason, she chose to sign on the ship’s articles as Christina Duncan rather than Rennie. Her 1915 address was 19 Fernhill Road, Bootle, Lancashire.


One thought on “Duncan/Rennie, Christina Campbell

  1. Christina Campbell Duncan was my great-grandmother’s cousin. Can you share where you got this information from? Would love to know more details, feel free to contact me at my gmail address. Her aunt, Margaret “Maggie” Hull (nee Wilson) was on board the ship too, but survived.


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