Duncan, Peter Robertson

092 Peter Robertson Duncan, age 29. He was the Senior 4th Engineer on the Lusitania and was the son of the late John, a marine engineer born about 1853 in Scotland, and Jane (nee Robertson; she had been born around 1854 in Lancashire ) Duncan. He had been born at Walton, Liverpool and his birth had been registered in the first quarter of 1886 in the West Derby district of Liverpool. His parents had married in the third quarter of 1877 in West Derby. In 1891, the Duncan family lived at Alroy Road in Walton on the Hill. Peter was 5 years old and his siblings were Andrew, 9, Jessie, 7, Elizabeth, 7, and John, an infant. The family employed a servant, Margaret A. Grenfell, 21, who had been born in New York but was a British subject. In 1915, he lived at 12 Penuel Road, Liverpool.

There was an obituary in Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 14.


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