Dodwell, Eleanor

082 Dodwell, Eleanor. She was a stewardess on the Lusitania. She was the daughter of Mary Dodwell, of 16, Brook Road, Bootle, Lancashire, and the late Mr. Dodwell. Her birth was registered in West Derby in the third quarter of 1887. In 1891, she was 3 years old and lived at Delaware Street in Bootle Cum Linacre, Lancashire, with her parents Henry, 34, an electrical engineer born in Yorkshire (his birth was registered in mid-1856 in the Hunslet district of Yorkshire), and Mary, 34, a native of Lancashire, and also her sisters Beatrice, 10, and Edith, 5. In 1901, she was noted as 13 years of age and a tailoress’ apprentice, living together with her sister Beatrice at Church Lane in Gorton, Lancashire, with her uncle and aunt Francis and Jane Torbet and four cousins. She stood 5’3”, had medium complexion, brown hair and grey eyes.

Obituary in Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 15.


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