Casey, Martin

046 Martin Casey, age 50. He was a 2
nd Cabin Bedroom Steward on the Lusitania and was the son of the late Martin, an umbrella maker born about 1828 in Roscommon, Ireland, and Jessie (nee Gardiner; born about 1835 in Scotland) Casey. He was christened on 11 December 1864 at Douglas, Isle of Man, as Martinus Casey. His parents were registered as Martini and Jesse (nee Gardiner) Casey. His known brothers and sisters were Mary, born about 1855 in England, Anna, born 1858 in the Isle of Man, Jessie, born about 1859 in the Isle of Man, June, born around 1861 at Douglas, Isle of Man, James, b. ca. 1866 at Douglas, Sarah Elizabeth, born 1873, and Samuel J., born about 1870 at Douglas. There were also some siblings who seem to have died at an early age. Martin Casey was the husband of Georgina Casey (nee Dennett), of 13, Walker St., Liverpool. Born at Douglas, Isle of Man. 2nd Cabin Bedroom Steward. Martin Casey married Georgina Dennett in West Derby in 1892. His 1915 address was reported to have been 13 Walker Street, Liverpool.

There was an obituary in the Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury, May 15, 1915. 


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