Sutton, Frank

National Archives, London, England. Crown Copyright.

Frank Sutton. 2nd Class Waiter. He may have been born 18 July 1882 in Birkenhead. There is a chance he was the Frank Crowhurst Sutton, aged 8, who in 1891 lived at Glover Street in Birkenhead with parents Robert Hugh, 43, a ”chief saloon steward,” born 1849 at Stogursey, Somersetshire, and Annie Gregory (nee Crowhurst), 49, born 1842 in London, and brothers George Robert, 13, and William H., 6. His parents had in that case married 4 (or 18) December 1874 in Woodchurch, Cheshire. He stood 5’6”, had dark hair and brown eyes. Later on, he lived at 25 Woodlands Road, Seaforth, Liverpool with wife E. Sutton. It could be that he was the Frank C. Sutton who in mid-1914 married Ethel M. Prescott in the West Derby distrcit of Lancashire. He was still active at sea in 1921, and was at some point an assistant storekeeper (on the Aquitania?).


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