Rourke, Stanley

Stanley Rourke. Lift Steward. He had been born in Liverpool on 14 April 1893 (or 1894)  to Henry, a barman born about 1847 at Liverpool, and Ellen Eliza (nee Aspinall; she had been born 11 February 1859 at Liverpool) Rourke. His parents married 15 February 1877 at St. Mary’s Church in Kirkdale, Lancashire. In 1881, his parents lived at Great Crosby, Lancashire, and had two children; Henrietta, 2 (b. 2 August 1878), and Albert E., 1. Mrs. Rourke’s mother, Mary Ann Aspinall, 48, also lived with the family at the time. In 1891, a few years before Stanley’s birth, Mrs. Rourke (listed Rurke) lived at Makin Street in Walton on the Hill, Lancashire, with six children; Henrietta, 12, Albert E., 11, George, 9, Harold R., 5, Emily Lavinia, 3, and Edwin Victor, an infant. In 1901, Stanley and his brother Edwin Victor were ”inmate scholars” living in West Derby. Stanley became a lithographic artist but later joined the Cunard Line. There were rumours that people were stuck in the lifts when the Lusitania sank, but since both lift stewards survived, this rumour seems to be untrue. He was still active at sea in 1920.

National Archives, London, England. Crown Copyright.

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