Brown, James Edward Bennet (Bennett-Brown)

030 James Edward Bennett Brown, age 29. He was a 1st Class Waiter on the Lusitania and had been born at Nottingham in mid-1889. He was the  son of Alfred and Jane Bennett (nee Springthorpe) Brown. He was the  husband of Maud Florence Brown (nee Lowe), of 41, Albert Road, Waterloo, Lancashire. In fact, his father was Herbert Edward Bennett, a printer and compositor who had been born in late 1864 in Leicestershire, and his mother was Maria/Mary Jane (nee Springthorpe, born in mid-1866 at Tamworth, Staffordshire), who had married in early 1886 in Nottingham. In 1891, James was 1 year old and lived with his family at Craddock Street in Little Bolton, Lancashire. He had a sister, Mary, 3, who also was a native of Nottinghamshire. Also present in the household was his grandmother Hannah Bennett, 56, who was living on her own means. His father died in 1891 and in 1915, Maria Jane was married to Alfred Brown, proprietor of the Star Hotel in Bradford. James E. Bennett-Brown married Florence M. Lowe in West Derby in 1914.


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