McAleavey, Thomas

Thomas McAleavey. He was born 30 January 1893 in Liverpool to Hugh, a ship stoker who came from Scotland, and Mary McAleavey, who had been born in Liverpool. In 1901, the McAleavey family lived at Princes Walk in Liverpool. Thomas was 7 and had two brothers; Hugh, 13, and James, 9. It may turn out that his parents were the Hugh McAleavey and Mary Hughes who had married in late 1884 at St. Alban’s Roman Catholic Church in Liverpool. He was still active at sea in 1921. He married Elizabeth Sharkey in Liverpool in 1923 and went on to live at 13 Rimrose Road, Bootle. He died in August 1969 at Whiston Hospital, aged 76. Family sources state he had been born 13 January 1895; it was not uncommon for the dates of birth to be recorded incorrectly in the seamen’s identity cards. 


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