Snowden, Thomas Edward

Thomas Edward Snowden. He was a soccer football player from 20 Ridgeway Street in Lynn, Massachusetts. He earned a living as a shoemaker. He seems to have been born on 14 August, 1884, at Leicester, England, the son of /Charles/ Henry and Fanny (nee Cooper; she had been born ca. 1850 at Newtown Linford, Leicestershire) Snowden, who had married 25 December 1868 in Leicester, England. In 1901, he lived at Wand Street in Leicester with his mother Fannie, a grocer, and sisters Florence, 18, and Edith, 14. He was listed as a cutter. He married Marion Louise Delaney in Lynn, Massachusetts, on 3 July 1913. He was married to Elizabeth Coulthard (they probably married after the sinking). He passed away in Lynn in February, 1966.

Boston Daily Globe 9 May 1915

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