Riley, Mrs. Annie

Mrs. Annie Riley, nee Taylor: She was the wife of Eddie Riley. Her parents were Timothy, a mechanic fitter, and Hanna (nee Naylor; born about 1846 at Almondbury) Taylor, who had married 31 December 1865 at Bradford. She had been born 26 April 1885 in Shelf, Yorkshire, and in 1901 she lived with her parents and sisters Ellen Ann, 27, Jane, 25, and Mary Ethel, 23, in Anne Street in Bradford, Yorkshire. She was a worsted piece mender at the time. In 1891, she had other siblings as well, Charles H., 22, Arthur, 7, Abram, 3, and Fred, 1. She married Eddie Riley 30 April 1909 at Lawrence, Massachusetts. In 1910, they lived at Water Street in Fitchburg, Mass. Annie Riley was 5’2” tall, had brown hair and grey eyes. They had two children; twins (?)  Sutcliffe and Ethel, who were born in 1911 in England. All four survived the sinking of the Lusitania.’

‘The names of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Riley and their twin children, formerly of Fitchburg, appear in the list of third-class passengers from New England who were saved from the steamship Lusitania. It was feared they were among the lost, but their names came in the later dispatches to show they were rescued. While in this city Mr and Mrs. Riley were employed in the Arden mill of the American woollen Co., and lived with Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Walsh of 70 Mayland street. They left Fitchburg to return to England and the children were born in that country. Since returning to the United States the family had resided in Methuen and they were on their way for a second visit in England when the disaster occurred. It is four years since they left Fitchburg and they had been here one year.” (Fitchburg Sentinel, 11 May 1915, p. 4)

Annie Riley
The Boston Daily Globe 9 May 1915

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