Moore, Edwin

Edwin Moore: he lived with his wife Elizabeth (nee Ramsbottom; she had been born in August 1856 in England) in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They were both natives of England. He was listed as a ”pattern maker at a machine shop.” In 1910, they lived at 28 Carpenter Street, Pawtucket. The couple had at least three children; Miles, b. 1 October 1881 at Lawrence, and Henry, born in August 1884, both sons were natives of Massachusetts, and Mary, born in England, and there was also an Elizabeth Blakey, born in Rhode Island, living in the household in 1910; family suggests she in fact was Edwin’s wife’s niece, Elizabeth Blakey. His last place of abode was, according to contemporary press, 722 Pine Lane, Central Falls, Rhode Island. He had been born in January 1853 at Keighley, Yorkshire, and his parents were Miles, a wool sorter born about 1829 at Keighley, and Ruth (nee Sugden; she had been born in August 1829 at Keighley) Moore; his parents had married in Keighley in the last quarter of 1852. In 1871, he was 18 years of age and lived with his parents and brother Henry S., 9, and sister Sarah, 5, in Keighley. He was christened on 1 January 1853 in West Yorkshire in the Church of England. He married Elizabeth Ramsbottom in the first quarter of 1877 at Keighley and had come to the USA 15 August 1878. He had brown hair and blue eyes. In 1915, The Boston Daily Globe reported that he had sailed to  Yorkshire, England, to visit a daughter for three months. He had come to the United Stated about 20 years before the sinking of the Lusitania and had been a foreman at the Potter & Johnston Machine Company for 10 years. The Cunard Line listed his point of origin as Central Falls, Rhode Island. He did not survive the Lusitania disaster.

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One thought on “Moore, Edwin

  1. Barbara Moore Pugh says:

    Peter, I am the great granddaughter of Edwin Moore. My grandfather was Miles. Your information is correct except for the fourth child Elizabeth. She was Elizabeth Ramsbottom’s niece Elizabeth Blakey.


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