Lucas, Francis John

Francis John Lucas. He was a British national living at 4,501 Forbes Street, Pittsburgh and was  22 years of age. He had been born 19 September 1892 and had been christened on 23 October 1892 in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England. His parents were Joseph, a butcher born about 1848 in Herefordshire, and Eliza (nee Hanks; she had been born about 1854 in Worcestershire) Lucas; they had married in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, 4 March 1878. In 1891, i. e. before Francis had been born, the Lucas family lived at Worcester Street in Bromsgrove. In 1901, he lived at Worcester Street in Bromsgrove. His mother Eliza lived there – she was advised as a butcher shopkeeper aged 46 – and his siblings were at the time Maria, 22, Joseph Harry, 21, Lucy, 13, and Annie Louisa, 11. He was said to be 8 years old. He had at least three more sisters; Fanny  (b. 1884) ,Sarah. (b. 1881), and Hettie Eliza (b. 1886; died in infancy).  In 1911, he lived at 109 Dibble Road in Smethwick with his parents. He was described as a moulder. He had sailed from Liverpool, England, 26 September 1914 on the Campania and had come to New York 5 October. His family lived at 52 Stonehill Lane in Smethwick, Birmingham, at the time. He stood 5’7”, had brown hair and blue eyes and was noted as an unmarried moulder. He was bound for 51 Roe Street in New Rochell, New York, where he had a brother. He later moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He wanted to go back to England to join in the war effort. Mr. Lucas survived the sinking of the Lusitania. He died in 1945 in Bromsgrove.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 9 May 1915

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