Hull, Mrs. Winifred Mary

Winifred Mary Hull, nee Keeling: She had been born in Nottingham, England, in the summer of 1881. Her parents were Herbert Henry, a house painter born ca. 1857 and Ruth (nee Parks), born ca. 1860. Her known brothers and sisters were George Arthur Bishop, b. 1879, Charles Herbert, b. 1883, Philip Granville, b. 1885, Frank Howe, b. 1886, Ida Elizabeth, b. 1887, Harry Bernard, b. 1888, and Colin Gregg b. 1898. Her parents had married in the spring of 1878 in Nottingham. All family members were natives of Nottinghamshire, except for Colin, who was a native of Cheshire. In 1901, the Keeling family lived at Rice Hey Road in Liscard, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England. In 1911, she lived with her parents and sister Ida (listed Irene) and brother Colin at Poulton Cum Seacombe, Cheshire, England. She was 29 years of age at the time and no particular occupation. She had come to Canada in May 1912 on the steamer Empress of Britain. She had travelled third class and was described as an unmarried domestic servant and was headed for Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was travelling with her sister Ida Keeling, 24, also a domestic servant. She married Robert George Hull (b. February 1873 in England) in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on 4 February, 1914. The Cunard Line stated her point of origin was Winnipeg, Manitoba. She lived with her husband at Saskatchewan Avenue in Winnipeg. She survived the sinking of the Lusitania. In 1916, she still lived in Winnipeg with her husband.

Winifred Hull

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