Gwyer, Rev. Herbert Linford

Rev. Herbert Gwyer: He was a Church of England clergyman who lived in Saskatoon, Canada. He had been educated at Magdalene College of the University of Cambridge. In 1901, he lived in Uppingham, Rutlandshire, and was noted as a student (of theology, probably). In 1911, he went to Canada as a missionary as a part of the Church of England Railway mission in Regina. He had married his wife just a month before embarking on the Lusitania. His birth was registered 19 March 1883 in the Marylebone district of London. His parents were John Edward, a native of Bristol (b. 1848) and in 1881 a cashier to an American merchant, and Edith (nee Linford; she seems to have been born in 1847 in the Clifton district of Gloucestershire) Gwyer, also a native of Bristol; they had married in the third quarter of 1876 at Barnet, Hertfordshire/Middlesex, England. In 1881, his parents lived at Dorchester Place in Marylebone, London. His siblings were Maurice Linford., 2, Vernon Edward., 1, and Barbara Elizabeth, an infant. There were also four servants living in the household; Elizabeth A. Higgs, 26, cook, Elizabeth E. Hood, 22, nurse, Eliza Higgs, 13, nursemaid, and Mary Anne Glynn, 17, housemaid. Rev. Gwyer survived the sinking of the Lusitania together with his wife. The Cunard Line gave their point of origin as Saskatoon, Canada. He passed away in 1960. 

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