Partridge, Frank

Frank Partridge: He was a dealer in Chinese porcelains, English furniture and Chinese jades, and was returning to his home at Potters Bar, a suburb of London. He worked in his brother’s, Robert, antique shop for a while. In 1894 he married his wife, Minnie Amy. In 1900, he and Minnie opened their own shop at 4, King Street in St. James’s, London. In 1901, he is listed as an ”art and antique dealer,” living in Paddington, London. He had been born 31 January 1875 in the Hertford district of Hertfordshire . His parents were Robert, a bootmaker born about 1830 in Hertford, and Eliza (nee Chalkley; she had been born about 1836 in Hertford) Partridge who had married in the closing months of 1858 in Hertford, England. In 1881, he lived with his family at Villiers Road in Hertford St. John in Hertfordshire. His father was a bootmaker who employed six men according to the census. He was 6 years old at the time and had several siblings; Robert, 19, a bootmaker, Ada, 18, who was an assistant in (her father’s) a bootshop, Emily, 16, also an assistant in (her father’s) a bootshop, George, 14, a carpenter’s apprentice, Ellen, 11, Eliza, 10, Leonard, 5, and an unnamed infant brother. In 1911, he was listed as an ‘antequarian,’ living at Salisbury House, High Road, Potters Bar, Middlesex. He had left Liverpool, England, 16 January 1915 on the Lusitania and was bound for 741 5th Avenue, New York City. He was noted as a married art dealer aged 40 and was 5’6’’ tall, had brown hair and brown eyes. He was returning to England. He was one of the survivors of the Lusitania disaster. He passed away in 1953. 

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