Nyblom, Gustav Adolf

Gustav Adolf Nyblom: He had been born 15 May 1885 in Stockholm. His father was Klaes Johan Andersson, Storkyrkobrinken 12, Stockholm; a master tailor; he had been born 27 June 1850 at Alunda, Uppsala, Sweden, and his mother was Beata (Andersson) Pyk, b. 25 November 1857 at Brunnby, Malmöhus County, Sweden. Klaes Johan Andersson had been married before; 11 October 1873 he had married Amanda Paulia Jansson in St. Nikolai parish, Stockholm. Amanda, who may have been born 25 February 1849 at Vendel, Uppsala, either divorced him or died, since Klaes was married to Beata (Andersson) Pyk by 1886. Gustav Adolf had eleven brothers and sisters including three by his father’s first wife and one stillborn sibling; Simon Petrus, b. 5 January 1875 (mother: Amanda Paulia Jansson), Josef Waldemar, b. 11 October 1876 (mother: Amanda Paulia Jansson) Eva Ingeborg, b. 30 September 1878 (mother: Amanda Paulia Jansson), Johan Martin, b. 1883, Klas Wilhelm, b. 1 Sebtember 1886, Andreas Edvin, b. 24 February 1888, Karl Albin, b. 6 May 1889, Märta Beata, b. 11 October 1890, Oscar Henrik, b. 16 September 1894, and Nils Erik, b. 13 December 1895. One sibling was stillborn 12 February 1893. His parents later divorced and his mother passed away 29 July 1944. Gustav Adolf had graduated from Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm in 1907 and recevied a degree in engineering. He had moved to Canada on 5 August 1910 and was working at Lake Superior Corporation in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario. In 1911, he lived in Algoma, Ontario. His former boss, Ernst Sjöstedt, had been lost in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. He had sailed for the USA on the s.s. Oscar II, sailing from Christiania (today’s Oslo) 12 August 1910, bound for 304 North Terrace Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York, where his brother Joseph lived. He was 5’10’’, had brown hair and brown eyes. He was described as an unmarried mining engineer aged 25. It was noted that his father Claes Andersson lived at Mosebacketorg No. 8, Stockholm, Sweden. Gustaf Nyblom did not survive the sinking of the Lusitania. His body was recovered and identified (No. 142) and was shipped to Mosebacketorg 8 24 May 1915.

Nyblom 1
Mosebacke torg No. 8 in Stockholm, where Mr. Nyblom is said to have lived before going to Canada.

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