Keeble, Mrs. Fannie Maud

Mrs. Fannie Maud Keeble, nee Goldsbrough: She had been born 24 June 1882 in Lambeth, London. Her parents were Giles Forward, a doctor of medicine born in early 1856 in Mere, Wiltshire, England, and Sarah Frances (nee Latham; she had been born in the summer of 1858 in Brighton, Sussex, England) Goldsbrough who had married in the third quarter of 1879 in Camberwell, London. In 1901, she lived with her parents and siblings Harold, 17, Edith, 15, and Florence, 13 at Herne Hill in Camberwell, London. She was a dispenser at the time. Also present in the household at the time were her grandmother Anne Goldsbrough, 74, and uncle John, 40, as well as two servants; Annie Slater, 21, and Lillian Morrison, 17. In 1911, she lived with her family in Camberwell, London, and was noted as a ’local artiste music,’ aged 28. The family members present in the household were her parents, her grandmother Annie Goldsbrough, 84, her brother Harold Albert, 27, an analytical chemist, and her aunt Julia Ann Letham, 50. There were two servants living with the family as well; Ada Florence Strutt, 22, and Annie Edith Lilian Gosling, 19. She married Wilfred Keeble in England in the summer of 1914. She had sailed from Liverpool, England, 23 January 1915 on the steamship New York, and was bound for 14 Farnham Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, where one of her husband’s brothers lived. Mr. Keeble was noted as a married advertising agent aged 31. Mrs. Keeble stood 5’6”, had fair complexion, brown hair and brown eyes. They were now on their way home to England. She survived the sinking of the Lusitania along with her husband. She passed away in Maidstone, Kent, England, in 1957. 

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