Jacobaeus, Anton Sigurd

Anton Sigurd Jacobaeus: He was born 16 March, 1868, in Skarhult parish, Skåne County, Sweden. His parents were Anton Christian, a gentleman farmer, b. 23 May 1844 at Langeland, Denmark, d. 1911) and Lykke Catherine Marie Jacobaeus (nee Jacobaeus! b. 25 April 1846 at Loostrup, Jutland, Denmark, d. 1923). They had married 29 May 1867. His brothers and sisters were Gustaf, b. 9 May 1871 at Skarhult, Ingeborg Maria, b. 7 August 1869, and Helga Johanna Christine, b. 31 March 1874, and Hans Christian, b. 29 May 1879; all siblings were born at Skarhult. In 1890, he was a supervisor (inspector) at Svenstorp Manor, where his family also lived at the time. Since 1900, he seems to have leased Tulesbo Manor, where he lived with his wife Ebba (nee Frost, whom he had married on 7 September, 1901, in St. Petri, Malmö, Skåne. She seems to have been born 21 April 1882 in Malmö; they divorced in 1903). He was at times described as an estate manager at Tulesbo. In 1910, his wife was a Karen, nee Hagen (of Danish extraction). He married Karen 7 May 1907 in Copenhagen’s Kristian Kirke. He was allowed to stay at Tulesbo with his wife and foster son Nils Olof, b. 22 October 1910, who came to Jacobaeus in 1912. Karen moved to Denmark later on and did not take Nils Olof with her.
Swedish press reported that he had disappeared, rather mysteriously, from his home on 31 March, 1915. 25,000 Swedish Crowns were found on his body, as well as his gold watch. He had, however, had bad luck in business lately and he was constantly travelling around and had reputedly spent a lot of money on these trips. He had allegedly not cared properly for his manor and it had fallen into disrepair, and it was rumoured he had had to leave it. Shortly before his disappearance, he was said to have acquired a lot of money for his travels; about 30,000 Swedish Crowns, 10,000 of which through bank loans. His closest friends believed he had tried to go to South Africa, via Berlin, but, having failed to do so, had gone to America via Norway, from whence he may have intended going to Liverpool and the Cape Colony.
(Svenska Dagbladet, 9 June, 1915)
Mr. Jacobaeus had in fact travelled to the USA from Christiania (today: Oslo), Norway, 3 April 1915 on the steamship United States, and had arrived in New York 16 April. He was noted as a married real estate businessman aged 47. His final destination was noted as Medicine Hat, Alberta, where he had a friend by the name of H. Brown. He was 6’ tall, had a healthy complexion, fair hair and blue eyes. He stated his closest relative was his wife Karen Jacobaeus who lived at Tulesbo Manor in Sweden. He stayed in Canada and the USA only a few weeks and then went to New York to join the Lusitania on her fatal voyage. 
Mr. Jacobaeus’ body was recovered and identified after the disaster (No. 84). He was buried at Queenstown 10 May; Grave C, 6th Row, Lower Tier. His first wife, Ebba, seems to have remarried and passed away in September, 1981, in Stockholm, at 99. 

Tulesbo Manor, which Mr. Jacobaeus leased

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